The costs of climbing Mount Kinabalu in one day.


March 7, 2013 by farbolino

I figured I’d give some up to date information about climbing Mt. Kinabalu in one day since the cost of a 2d/1n is cost prohibitive for most backpackers. The lowest quote from a tour operator in Kota Kinabalu was 950 MYR, or a touch over $305 at the moment. Most of this cost is for the dorm style accomadation at the base camp just before summit. They charge something ridiculous like $100 for the night.
So, to do it independently costs 268 MYR ($85), plus a 15 Ringgit ($5) park entrance fee. This charge will drop by another $20 if you can find a partner to split the cost of the mandatory guide. More then 2 people requires more then one guide, so it’s most cost effective in pairs.
The breakdown of the 268 ringgit is as follows:
100 MYR for the permit to climb
128 MYR per guide for 1-2 people
7 MYR mandatory insurance
33 MYR roundtrip transportation to Timpohon Gate from the park entrance.



Above is a photo of what the 7 ringgit insurance covers. Pretty good for 2 bucks, but it won't cover an airlift out, so if you break a leg you'll just have to hop.


Above shows that it’s a 8.5km trek from Timpohon Gate to Low’s Peak (4095m). There are time constraints for hikers attempting to summit in one day though, and the picture below is a time table that needs to be followed strictly, or you’ll be forced to turn around if you don’t make the deadlines


It’s also important that you don’t suffer from an of the following conditions:


The last and final stipulation is that you need to arrive to the park the day before you wish to climb. The park headquarters is open between 8-5 to talk to the park ranger about making the accent the following day. You’ll need to be at park headquarters the next morning at 7am in order to take the transport to the start of the trek. Good luck!

8 thoughts on “The costs of climbing Mount Kinabalu in one day.

  1. Travel Bug says:

    Is there also an option to do it in 2 days? Or is the 1 day summit the only route that makes sense?

  2. Kutu Kupret says:

    Reblogged this on Travelling Notes and commented:
    Biaya mendaki Gunung Kinabalu dalam satu hari….

  3. I did it in one day as well. So glad I did because there was no way I could afford two days!

  4. My wife and I are going to Kota Kinabalu in August, and ran into the same problems (Laba Ratan is all booked, way too expensive for 2D 1N through tour company) so we are attempting to organize a one day hike. Is it required you arrive the day before to get a permit for hiking the following day? Right now I’m placing several calls to try to arrange a one day hike without that, I can let you know how it goes…

  5. we originally planned of doing a 1day climb also but we were told that we cannot reserve a slot ahead as day hikes permits are usually given 1 week before your climb date and on a condition that not all slots [max number of hikers] are taken. Another issue is that we were told that a max of 4 day hike climbers are allowed per day so we have no other choice but to do it 2d/1n 🙂

    our story here:

  6. Jasmine says:

    how did your climb go?

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