The English and their breakfast


February 23, 2013 by farbolino

One of the perks of traveling to a foreign country is being able to eat the local food from the source. Eating a steak at an Argentinian restaurant anywhere but Argentina just isn’t quite the same, is it? So what is it about the English that can make them fly half way around the world to only eat the same food that they eat back in England?
Now I realize this is a generalization, and that it doesn’t apply to all English people, but I have definitely noticed this to be a trend with them more then any other nationality. Perhaps the most comical thing of all is that English food isn’t even that good! Most of the best foods you’ll find throughout the UK have been brought by colonization and immigration. Indian food comes to mind as the best example.
Currently I’m in Thailand, which could be argued as some of the best food in the world (especially if you like things spicy). I’m sleeping in a dorm room with three English guys, and we had all gone out the night before for some partying on the beach. When we woke up they said they were going to get some food. I said I knew where to find the best Pad Thai on the island and that we could all go together. One of the guys responded with ‘nah, I’m not feeling like eating Thai today, I want an English breakfast. ‘
Ok, fair enough. Not everyone wants to eat the same type of food everyday. So I ask the other two (who were traveling separately) and they said they wanted an English breakfast too! At that point I asked how long they had been traveling for. Maybe it had been a while since they had some comfort food. The reply was ‘a week’. Come on! You can’t go more then 21 meals without having food from your own country? And I’d bet every dollar I have that this wasn’t the first English breakfast either.

P.S. The cover photo is of the 4 of us from the night before.

One thought on “The English and their breakfast

  1. I don’t get it either. Not just with the English, but I think a lot of people use that as a security blanket.

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