An illegal American in Moscow: day 2

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October 18, 2012 by farbolino

We woke up in our quite suburb of Moscow quite late; tired from the stresses of reaching Moscow from Minsk. We ate some boiled eggs with ham and cheese on white bread before leaving the apartment to explore Moscow.
Victor had a Belarusian friend named Sasha who was running a hostel in the center of the city, so we went to visit him and his girlfriend who were running the hostel. Sasha had a lot of tattoos and wanted Victor to give him another one. The idea was a large tattoo of Bruce Lee on his stomach, which I didn’t think was a good idea; yet Victor and Sasha seemed excited about it. So Victor planned to give Sasha the tattoo the following day.
Afterwards Victor and I walked around until we reached Red Square. Another of Victors friends met up with us there and we walked around some more until we went to a restaurant. I barely ate since everything is quite expensive in Moscow.

Then we took a walk down Old Arbat street, where I found a Starbucks with a Cyrillic sign, and this:


Next was a meeting with a couchsurfer. We waited for her outside a metro stop not far from Old Arbat street. As we waited, two cops fast approached us from far. What could they possibly want from us? I froze in fear that they would ask for my passport. They spoke to Victor, and simply by their hand gestures I could tell all they wanted was a lighter, so I eased up a little bit, but they continued to talk to Victor so I stayed silent except for a few saying ‘Da’ a few times. Eventually they went away, but my heart was still racing.
Soon Lydia from CS arrived and we walked around a little more and got a cup of tea. Afterwards we went to a once a year light show that happens in Red Square for 4 days. We just happen to catch the last day of it. The only issue was the crazy amount of police checking everyone with metal detectors and looking through backpacks. There was literally hundred of them, but luckily they weren’t interested in bothering tourists. I’m not normally into these ‘light show’ things, but it was actually pretty cool. Here are some pictures, including one of Victor looking super creepy…




Afterwards we parted ways with Lydia and got on the metro to go home. Victor and I argued which direction the apartment was once we were above ground, but I just told him to trust me and we made it back after a quick stop for a tasty kebab on the corner.
Since it wasn’t too late, we played a close game of Chess (which Victor won) and half a game of Monopoly while drinking a little whiskey and eating a few boiled eggs with some ham and cheese on bread before going to bed.


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