Hitchhiking from Stockholm to Oslo Part 1

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August 15, 2012 by farbolino

Thursday night ended at 4:30 in the morning after a night of bouncing around from live music venues; which didn’t set up for a pleasant day of hitchhiking the next day. Mike and I took our time getting ready, as did our host Eleanor who also planned to hitchhike west near Göteborg due to our inspiration.
After a kings feast of a breakfast (at around 1or 2pm) which included bacon, scrambled eggs, homemade bread, fresh juice, tea, milk, and some berries, Mike and Eleanor decided to take a nap. I just assumed at this point that it meant that we would leave the next day, yet around 4pm they woke up and decided it was still a good idea to hitchhike the same day.
There were complications to say the least leaving to find a hitchhiking spot, which resulted in us reaching the outskirts of Stockholm around 6pm, and after walking to a gas station on the motorway, starting to hold up a sign that said ‘West’ around 6:30pm. Within the first half hour two cars stopped which was promising, only to realize that they were going 2 or 3 km down the road. I appreciate people stopping no matter what, but I can walk 2 km so we declined the rides. Finally a large truck pulled over which was headed southwest in the direction of Eleanor, so we said our goodbyes and she was on her way.
For some reason a few people found it funny (teenagers?) to pretend to pull over, then speed past us. This was the first time something like this ever happened. It took over an hour in total for Mike and I to get a ride with three Iraqis. They barely spoke English, so Mike spoke Danish while they spoke Swedish. They were going about 70km to the spot that Mike and I had hitched into Stockholm. When getting out of the car, I remembered how to say thank you in Arabic from my time spent in Egypt 5 years earlier, and they were quite pleased with it.
We waited about half an hour at a roundabout for another ride that took us another 40km west. Again it was an Iraqi immigrant who picked us up who didn’t speak English so well, and it was the same all over again. We got dropped off in the same place we had slept in a tent less then a week ago trying to reach Stockholm. This time we got a ride out with a man from The Canary islands driving a Volvo. Mike and I had a joke running about never getting a ride from a Volvo because it was almost always immigrants who gave us rides, and rarely Swedish people, who were always driving Volvos or Saabs. Miguel our driver was a funny guy who had lived in Sweden the past 20 something years. When we asked him why he moved to Sweden he had a simple answer: Women. In fact, the reason he was driving 80km west was to have a booty call with one of them on a Friday night. You can imagine how the conversation continued between three guys after this.
So we found ourselves in Örebro which we had also found ourselves in on the way to Stockholm. This time we were bound to sleep there since the sun was about to set and we needed to set up the tent. We walked to a nature park not so far from a highway and set up our tent next to a lake and some random sheep and geese. Oslo would have to wait…


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