Poland through my eyes


July 21, 2012 by farbolino









8 thoughts on “Poland through my eyes

  1. Lushfun says:

    Almost seems like it is still stuck in the 70s and 80s especially with the way you framed pictures a bit.

  2. Caffeine says:

    Those are nice. Just do justice to Poland – we’re not only sad, grey walls and communist apartment blocks 😉

    • farbolino says:

      Sorry if it offends you, but these are the things that I find beautiful. I’m not the person who takes photos of Market Square in Krakow. My photography is more about shapes, lines, and symmetry. When I look at these things, I don’t see ‘sad grey walls’.

      • Caffeine says:

        Oh it does not offend me in any way. I understand this a is subjective view. I am just saying this is not all Poland has to offer. It is natural that to an American eye this is a somewhat new and exotic view. Same way we look at New York skyscrapers 🙂

      • farbolino says:

        Absolutely, it is not all Poland has to offer. I hope to come back and explore the natural side of Poland during my next visit.

      • Caffeine says:

        Poland invites 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Fab pics Mr 🙂 keep blogging and posting …glad u went to Poland (Katowice) my home town. Next time give me a shout cause is much more to discover in your eyes. Best wishes Tim

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