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June 14, 2012 by farbolino

One of the best ways to save money on food is to eat what is locally grown in the country. Fruit, nuts, grains, local fish or even meat that hasn’t been imported will always be cheaper then food that has been.

Sometimes this can be a huge treat with exotic fruits that are exorbitantly expensive in your home country. Fruits like Pomegranates and Kiwis don’t grow on trees in England, but they do in Greece and Turkey. You may even be able to pick them yourself in your walking through the country side! No need to go out of the way though, as a kilo of pomegranates was always around a dollar. That’s insanely cheap compared to back home.

Even in a more expensive country like Spain or Portugal you can find oranges and mandarins to be extremely cheap. Sometimes they’re so cheap they sell them in 5 kilo bags on the side of the road for around $2.

Vise Versa, fruits and vegetables that are imported can be grossly expensive, especially in less developed countries. I was shocked to see that I could buy a kilo of cherries (expensive back home) for about the same price as a kilo of bananas (cheap back home).

It doesn’t just have to be fruit either. One of the best examples of cheap seafood has to be Belize. Belize is not known to be a bargain destination, and is in fact the most expensive country in Central America. Even still it’s not uncommon to walk down to the beach and find cheap restaurants offering two lobster tails, a side of potatoes or fries and a small salad for around $8. Now compare that to back home. Last I checked (which was a while back) a lobster tail dinner in NY ran over $50 easily.

A great cut of steak in Argentina will run about $10 at a restaurant simply because they raise the cattle in Argentina. How much is a steak back home? OK, I think I’ve driven my point home.

Long story short, you can eat healthily and on a budget if you know what’s locally grown. Stay healthy and happy with lots of fruits and vegetables, and again, happy travels.

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