Top 5 iPhone apps to save you money.

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June 8, 2012 by farbolino

While traveling for an extended period of time, every dollar counts (or euro), so here is a list of the best FREE apps available for your iPhone that will save you money.

Google maps: It’s pre downloaded into every iPhone and it really does help to orient yourself in a new city. With this app, you’ll be able to tell how far you are from your destination and if it’s possible to walk or take public transport. I always download a map of the city I’m arriving to with walking directions to my destination.

Currency: This app is a currency converter that updates whenever the global markets are open. There is nothing worse then arriving to a country without knowing what the currency is worth. This is extra important in countries when crossing by land and no ATM’s are around. Often the only option is changing money on the street with someone who might possibly try to take a few bucks (or more) from you.

Language apps: Regardless of which language you need, there is almost definitely a free app with some useful words and phrases in it. These have helped countless times with questions like “Which bus goes to the center?” and “How much does this cost?” When you show you can at least speak a few words locals truly appreciate that and are less likely to try ripping you off.

Couchsurfing: This is a brand new app that enables you to send requests to people from around the world to let you come and stay with them. Couchsurfing has been around for years, but it’s starting to become quite popular in a lot of countries. Having this app could be the difference between a free place to sleep and a €20 hostel bed in Europe. Not to mention all the cool experiences you’ll have with your host.

Skype: This one is pretty obvious, but a necessity. Load up $10 worth of credit and call all your friends and family as much as you want. Skype is definitely way cheaper then using any other methods.


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